Optimism Release

Published On: 7/26/2022, 8:54:18 PM

zeroDAO + Optimism


After rigorous design and testing, the DAO has finalized and launched the Optimism build of the zeroDAO controller. Bridging to or from BTC on the Optimism network is now supported on zeroBRIDGE.


The new keeper release is now available to anyone wishing to run a node to support signaling.

https://bridge.zerodao.com https://github.com/zerodao-finance/zero-keeper

What is Optimism?

optimism han solo.gif

Optimism is a researched backed decentralized scaling for the Ethereum network and a functional implementation of "optimistic rollup." It is cheaper to execute transactions on Optimism than you can find on L1, so this means bridging can be done faster and cheaper for all assets supported by zeroDAO.

What's next?

At the time of writing, Optimism bridging via zerop2p is only available for renBTC, but the DAO is looking at ways to grow the ecosystem of bridged assets and BTC on the Optimism network, and we see a lot of potential. The Synthetix framework is on our radar next, due to its presence and high utility on the Optimism network as it relates to decentralized BTC exchange.

We need participation from the Optimism community and DeFi at large to further the state of BTC on Optimism! Here's what you need to know:

We have launched a renBTC/sBTC Curve.fi pool on the Optimism network and are moving to source liquidity. Those looking for organic BTC yield on Optimism should acquire Optimism renBTC via zeroBRIDGE and pair it with sBTC on this pool.

Find the sBTC/renBTC pool at: https://optimism.curve.fi/factory/15

More liquidity on this pool is required to support bridging directly to sBTC on zeroBRIDGE, but also to support one of the next zeroDAO applications: zeroSWAP (powered by Optimism).

zeroSWAP is a way to trade BTC to sUSD at negligible slippage, or vice versa, using BTC -> renBTC -> sBTC -> sUSD as a route. The application will use the Synthetix framework to exchange sBTC to sUSD with no slippage, so users will be able to move a large sum of BTC to a stablecoin with almost no price impact!

Learn more

To learn more about how zeroDAO intends to build on Optimism and collaborate with the community, find and support our proposal on the Optimism governance portal:


If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, let us know by joining us on our Discord or find us on Matrix!

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