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Thank You Ren and a Look Ahead

Published On: 8/27/2022

Thank You to Ren for a Great AMA

We had a great AMA with Ren on August 24th discussing the current state of zeroDAO. If you missed it you can always find it here on youtube! We wanted to thank everyone who came by and for everyone who has visited zeroDAO. We really appreciate your interaction with us and we hope to provide you all with more features and content as we move forward.


Current Plans for the Near Future

We touched upon this briefly during the AMA but the developers at zeroDAO have some plans for the near future for zeroBRIDGE. No timeline on these just yet, but we are excited to share these projects with you!

XMR Bridging

One of the exciting assets that we have our eyes on is XMR. XMR is a major cryptocurrency where every user is anonymous by default. They have an emphasis on privacy and speed and will be a perfect fit here on zeroBRIDGE.


One of our main focuses is on Lending. It is our plan to solve "time slippage" by implementing a lending platform and a p2p network of keepers. Interested? Check out the link written by one of the dev's here at zeroDAO.


zeroPAY is a tool that will provide invoices for payment in BTC, trades it over zerop2p, and then pays the vendor in USDC. Stay tuned for more information or come and ask us in our community chat!

We're here working hard each and every day

zeroDAO can make cross chain a more user friendly experience!

Thanks for reading! See you again soon.


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