ZERO Heroes NFT Announcement

Published On: 3/7/2023, 5:53:23 PM

ZERO Heroes: Liquidity-generation NFT’s

zeroDAO is announcing the ZERO Heroes NFT drop! In every Hero’s journey there is a great trial to be overcome. For zeroDAO, our trial was the fall of Ren 1.0. Without the framework that zeroBRIDGE was built on, the application was rendered non-operational; and like heroes, the zeroDAO team turned their greatest ordeal into motivation for creating the ZERO Network, an advanced L0 for non-EVM to EVM assets.

As we are creating the ZERO Network, we view holders of the ZERO Heroes NFT as the heroes saving our new, robust system. By minting a ZERO Hero, the $ETH used will be paired with $ZERO to provide liquidity to the network. Then, when the network is live, ZERO Heroes can be burned to release the LP tokens. But this is no simple redemption, once it is enabled the game is afoot!

More specific details regarding ZERO Heroes such as the release date, early access opportunities, and price will be released in the coming weeks.

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