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Interoperability Optimized

The ZERO network is a fully decentralized layer 0 bridging EVM and non-EVM networks, using multiparty cryptography. The zeroDAO protocol values security, speed, and reliability above all else, ensuring users can safely and quickly move funds across chains.

zeroDAO Logo

The Problem

Crypto's Accessibility Challenges

As more of the world finds DeFi, they are met with a steep barrier to entry. Today it has become simple to acquire Bitcoin, but to bring it to other ecosystems such as Ethereum or Avalanche, we usually find ourselves having to sign up for a centralized exchange.

The world needs decentralized interoperability.

Crypto's Accessibility Challenges

The Solution

Bridging with Security and Speed

zeroDAO is the decentralized governor of the ZERO network, enabling cross-chain messaging for trade or even more complex scripting. The network is a layer 0 blockchain capable of joining many layer 1's and even layer 2 chains.

ZERO is designed to blur the lines between networks.

Bridging with Security and Speed


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The Foundation

ZERO Heroes are the foundation of the ZERO Network

The ZERO Hero collection uses the Diamond Hands smart contract to incentivize holding the NFT. The trick is that each subsequent redemption will receive proportionally more than the previous one. This penalizes early redemptions and encourages NFT holders to exchange their NFTs on the open market vs redeeming.

Be a hero now to earn a chance at joining the diamond hands game and supporting the ZERO network.