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Reducing Liquidity Fragmentation and Increasing Interoperability

Published On: 9/7/2023

Could an EigenLayer x ZERO Network Partnership Solve DeFi's Biggest Challenges?

The DeFi landscape is a hotbed of innovation, with new protocols and services continually redefining what's possible. However, as the industry grows, so too do issues surrounding liquidity fragmentation and interoperability.

Fortunately, the focus is shifting toward solving these challenges, and a potential collaboration between EigenLayer and ZERO Network could be a game-changer.

By combining EigenLayer’s Ethereum restaking capabilities with the ZERO Network’s Layer 0 cross-chain bridge, users could benefit from higher total returns when staking,while helping to fortify the network security.

To best understand the benefits of a partnership, let's first dive into what makes EigenLayer such a standout player in the DeFi space.


EigenLayer is a new protocol that’s quickly gaining traction for its ingenious approach to Ethereum 'restaking'.

Through EigenLayer, users can take their already staked Ethereum (ETH) or liquid staking tokens, including Lido Staked ETH (stETH), Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH (cbETH), and Rocket Pool ETH (rETH), and restake them.

This allows users to stake the same ETH or liquid staking derivatives (LSDs) on multiple services at once, simultaneously securing all networks. It’s a win-win: stakers get to participate at reduced capital costs while protocols on the network enjoy enhanced security through network validation.

EigenLayer has demonstrated a meteoric rise. Since its June launch, assets under management have grown to ~$237.63 million:

  1. stETH: 99.92k units
  2. cbETH: 21.4k units
  3. rETH: 19.91k units

With no direct competitors, EigenLayer is uniquely positioned. This surge in AuM highlights users' confidence, and many new projects are lining up to build upon its infrastructure.

As Ethereum grows and EigenLayer expands its offerings to new projects, including interoperability layers, modular execution layers and data availability services, many expect it to attract a network value in the billions.

An EigenLayer and ZERO Network Partnership

ZERO Network and its upcoming Layer 0 cross-chain bridge are developed with the goal of reducing fragmented liquidity and increasing security and interoperability throughout DeFi.

A ZERO Network x EigenLayer partnership could amplify these benefits even further by leveraging the protocol’s restaking capabilities, Ethereum's large and decentralized set of validators and its staked capital base. The potential benefits are vast:

Enhanced Capital Efficiency and Security:

EigenLayer's restaking feature would help attract additional ZERO stakers, thus enhancing the network's security.

Allowing staked assets to be committed to ZERO Network's liquidity pools would also improve asset transfers and allow users to interact more efficiently.

Supercharged Earnings:

Restaking offers users the ability to earn from multiple revenue streams. Your staked assets on EigenLayer can also yield returns on ZERO Network – maximize investment returns with minimal effort.

Agile Development:

EigenLayer's model reduces both upfront and operational costs for blockchain developers by tapping into Ethereum.

This efficiency could extend to ZERO, streamlining the deployment of new features and services while leveraging Ethereum's validator network and staked capital base.

Challenges to Overcome:

As is always the case in DeFi, new concepts introduce challenges, mainly around system complexity and potential risks associated with smart contract bugs. Integrating EigenLayer's economics with ZERO's will also require extensive planning to ensure the correct balance of each project’s tokenomics.

Risk management strategies and thorough code audits would have to be in place to deal with these challenges effectively.

Wrapping Up

The DeFi world is dealing with real challenges, like how to move money around different blockchains easily or keep liquidity from getting stuck in one place. A partnership between EigenLayer and ZERO Network could tackle this head-on.

Combining EigenLayer's unique Ethereum restaking features with ZERO Network's advanced cross-chain bridge could mean better liquidity, more financial flexibility, and even more ways to earn money across multiple blockchains.

Nothing's confirmed yet, but the exciting thing about the DeFi space is that new ideas and collaborations are always around the corner. Both EigenLayer and ZERO Network are pushing boundaries, so who knows what they could come up with together?

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